Motivation and Leadership in Sports

Welcome to my blog! My name is Stephen Jeffers and I am a senior student-athlete in the business program at the University of Nevada, Reno. Motivation and leadership are a large part of the business world and are even more prominent in the world of sports. I have been involved in sports for the majority of my life and have seen the impact that motivation and leadership can have on athletes firsthand. Sports have also helped mold me into the person that I have become today and have taught me many lessons that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

Pursuing excellence in sports and in life is directly related to the leadership and motivation that influences athletes. It is important to possess a certain level of self-motivation in order to be successful. Sports can help to develop this attribute in more ways then one. Motivation and leadership can also have a direct impact on an athlete’s performance.   I am also a member of the Nevada Wolfpack Football team and in my blog I will talk about real life experiences that a Division I athlete encounters on a week-to-week basis relating to leadership and motivation. My blog will not be limited to the involvement I have with football but rather all sports and how leadership and motivation impacts athlete’s. The trials and tribulations learned through sports can often be related to real life situations. These real life situations and how people react to them are what differentiate those who are true leaders and motivators and those who are not.

Stay tuned for some great behind the scenes stories of a Division I football team and a look at other sports that involve leadership and motivation.


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