A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete

This weekend the team traveled to San Marcos Texas to take on Texas State.  Every game is a big game but to me this one had a little more meaning.  I had the opportunity to play against one of my best friends Jamie Clavell-Head.  Jamie and I played football together in high school along with my current teammates Connor Talbott and Nate Lytle, and when the time came to go off and play in college we chose Nevada and he chose Texas State.


The anticipation for this game between the two of us began almost two years ago when the Nevada v. Texas State game was officially scheduled. With all this time came many opportunities for us to exchange trash talking and arguments about who was going to win. In the end we always agreed that it was going to be pretty cool to get a chance to play against each other.  It would probably be a once in a lifetime experience and we couldn’t wait.  He plays Defensive end so when we were on the same side of the formation and we would be going head-to-head.


When it came time for kickoff I was anxious for us to line up already and battle it out. Sometime in the second quarter I looked up and wouldn’t you know it there he was. I’m sure he would disagree but my left tackle Jeff Nady and I got after him that first play pretty good and knocked him off the ball.  At the end of the play we slapped each other’s helmets acknowledging one another and exchanged a few words.  It definitely pumped me up to put all that anticipation to rest and just finally play. We went up against each other off and on for the rest of the game and after a hard fought game we came out of San Marcos Texas with a win. Nevada 34 Texas State 21. I finally earned my bragging rights.  Just another day in the life of a student-athlete.


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