Rivalry Week: What More Motivation Do You Need?

Rivalry games are an important part of sports. College football rivalries are often some of the most entertaining and competitive. Rivalries spark players, fans, and communities in an effort to show their superiority over their foe. The state of Nevada is home to one of the biggest rivalry games in the country between the University of Nevada and UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas). The winner of the game is awarded the largest and most expensive rivalry trophy in the country. The Fremont Cannon.

The Fremont Cannon weighs over 500 pounds and cost $10,000 to build. This symbolic trophy is used as bragging rights by the winner of the game for the entire year until it is up for grabs again the next year. Well the time is here again and the trophy will travel down to Las Vegas this weekend to be played for. Nevada has won the last seven years and is looking to make it eight straight. Nevada also leads the all-time series 22-15. Ultimately the cannon is used as a symbol of motivation to help achieve a victory.

Head Coach Chris Ault has some great motivational speeches but after four years I have looked forward to those UNLV speeches the most. He never fails to motivate the team and puts the upmost importance on this game. As game time approaches, Coach Ault continues to motivate by telling stories of the many times he has been a part of this rivalry game. It’s almost time for the Pack to go win a state championship.

Motivation is simple, those without it are eliminated.

What are your predictions on the game this year?


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