Sports: Facilitating Motivation and Leadership

Sports are often viewed as just games and that the skills developed through them are not relevant to you in real life. I strongly disagree with this perception and believe that sports can be a great facilitator of motivation and leadership skills that can benefit you throughout life.

Millions of people across the country use sports to help young children grow and develop their talents. Leadership is no different than any other skill that can be practiced and sports are a great way to learn and practice how to lead and motivate.

It may just be my competitive nature, but to me, sports are just like everything else in life. I am always motivated to go out there and perform at my best. When I begin my career I plan on bringing that same mentality I developed through my athletic career to whatever path I may take. Just like in any company, sports bring people together who are working for a common goal. In life it is making money and in sports it is winning. Yes, there is much more than making money and winning in life but that is almost always the end goal.

Being a collegiate athlete has helped me discover the amount of motivation and leadership it takes to be successful. In my opinion the average person is incapable of going through the grind of being a student-athlete and being successful. It takes a great deal of hard work and dedication and can’t be accomplished unless you have a certain level of motivation. I believe that collegiate athletes have a great advantage in the workplace and that this advantage is due to their participation in sports.

Everyone has different driving factors in their lives but sports have helped me and thousands of others develop leadership skills and helped motivate me to be successful. There are many routes to take in learning how to lead and motivate but being involved in athletics is a unique opportunity to help develop those skills.

Do you think sports are a major contributor to the development of leadership and motivation?

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