The Importance of Goal Setting

Goals are a desired result that are set in hopes of achieving. Setting goals are a great way to stay motivated. It is important to sit down every once in a while and set some goals for yourself. It is also important that the goals you set are are measurable, specific, and attainable.
Related to motivation, short-term goals are usually more applicable. Short-term goals help you to stay focused and organized on your path to success.

Measurability- One important factor when deciding upon goals is to ensure that they are in some way measurable. This allows you to track your progress towards reaching that goal. One idea may be to break your goal down into parts to help show how much of the goal you have accomplished.

Specificity- Another part of goal setting is making the goals relevant and specific. If a goal is too broad it wont have very much value and will be more difficult to accomplish. Your goal must be easily understood and have a specific purpose to help you to be successful.

Attainability- A common mistake when setting goals are setting goals that are impossible to reach. If a goal is unlikely to be attained no matter how much effort you put towards it is probably not a very good goal. On the path to success make sure the goals you set are reasonable.

As a student-athlete it is very important for me to set goals. Being a student-athlete is very time consuming and requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. Setting goals for myself are very important and helps me stay on track. Also, every week before a game our coach has us fill out a goal card for the game that week. We set a few goals, then identify some obstacles for each of those goals, and then include a solution for them. There is also a section on the goal card labeled progress, and sometime after the game we discuss them to help us track our progress towards reaching that goal.

How do you use goals to help you stay on track?


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