Failing First: The Path to Success


Just as in life, in sports more times than not failure comes before success.  The path to success is often a rocky one. Sometimes in order to reach greatness you must first fail. This is often a tough pill to swallow because whenever you do something you expect to complete that task. When failure comes your way, and sooner or later it will, it is how you react to that failure that will lead you to success.

The past couple of weeks my team and I went through a couple of hard losses. Throughout the season we have achieved success and also experienced failure. But when you lose two games in a row and one of them in overtime, that failure takes a toll on you. When you expect to win and come up short it is a difficult feeling to overcome. Losing can change the entire demeanor and confidence level that a team may have. The reality of this failure is that you can learn from the mistakes and bounce back or lose focus and continue failing.

Failing at the first turn can sometimes lead to great things. For example, in 2010 when we lost to Hawaii on the road (our only loss of the season) it put things in to perspective and helped everyone to re-focus and prepare that much harder to finish up the season strong. It is very hard to be perfect, and when you fail, it gives you an opportunity to get better. Failing is just a bump on the road to succeeding.

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