What Makes a Good Leader?

There are many attributes that can help to make a leader be successful. One thing that I think is extremely important is the ability to lead by example. If you can’t make the correct decisions in your own life how can you expect others to stay on the correct path. It is often necessary for leaders to make sacrifices in their life to show their followers that they are committed to the values that they preach.

Within this attribute it often requires a leader to be humble and respectful. As a leader you can’t always boast of your accomplishments but rather show others the hard work you put in to get there. A leader must gain the respect of the people they lead. For me, I have a hard time viewing someone as a leader when they say to do one thing yet I see them doing the opposite or not living up to that model. Personally, one of the fastest ways to lose my respect is to teach people to do the right thing but when they think others aren’t watching they don’t follow their own teachings.


For example when a leader steps up and yells at another guy to hustle every play at practice and then they turn around and take a couple plays off it is not a positive way to lead by example.The pressures of leading by example can be great but it is important when leading to live by this method. If your followers see you doing something the right way they are more likely to emulate that.


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