Passing the Torch

It is common in sports that when a leader steps down from their role that position is passed on to the next generation. There isn’t an actual passing of the torch ceremony but rather a subtle transition from when the seniors and team captains move on and the next leaders step up and  lead the way.imagesCAHZ13K0

At some point every leader must step down and hope that what they have taught is instilled in those that follow. They hope that their wisdom and experience has benefited others and those skills or passed on to the leaders of tomorrow.

With the season coming to an end I can see this transition beginning to happen. Leaders who may have taken a back seat out of respect to veteran players begin to let their voice be heard. They begin to assert themselves as the next leaders and motivators. Stepping into this position is often difficult, especially if there are big shoes to fill. But this is when a true leaders colors are first shown and people will decide if they can trust these new leaders to show them the way.

There is a long road ahead to prove if these people are worthy to lead. It may take a significant amount of time before the trust and respect of their teammates is earned. Do you think it is difficult to replace a leader? And at what time is it ok to assert yourself as the next person to lead?


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